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Our Flame

Your Fame

Flame PR’s burning desire is to deliver a high-quality total-solution for your local and cross-border promotional and public relations’ needs.

Founded in Oct 2002, we understand the need to enkindle and maintain your brand visibility across multiple networks of customer relationships. Flame PR’s mission is to fuel the glow of your brand identity, and to focus on your captivating of existing and new clients and, most importantly, to generate desired results.

Our searing aspiration is the managing of dazzling marketing and PR events that exceed ever-growing expectations of the consumers, both in Hong Kong and overseas.

Our Major Clients

Flame PR has served most of the industries in Hong Kong, Macau and China. Our exceptional strategies and strong relationship networks have helped our clients to achieve tremendous reputation improvement and multiple revenue growth. Leveraging our regional agency network, we also extend our service coverage across Northeast and Southeast Asia.

At the Office

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Let us know your needs in marketing and public relations, our experienced and talented individuals can assist your business to excel and flourish.

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