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Large scale city-wide

PR and event production activities

The major limelight, of course, was our honorable engagement in the 08 Olympic Games whereby we were commissioned by Samsung as their official agency in launching dozen of Olympic Torch Relay (OTR) Related program activities, namely, the 3 phases of OTR Public Nomination to the final Torchbearer PR events, the invitation of the 3 celebrity stars, Kelly Chan, Eason Chan and Miriam Yeung plus the athlete representative, Nelson IP, followed by a series of Media interview & PR Publicity releases as well as Pre-event and on-site hospitality arrangement. The highlight came on May 2 and May 3 on the Olympic Torchbearers’ run in Hong Kong & Macau respectively whereby hundreds of photographer crews followed each running shot of the Samsung Torchbearers and thousands of cheering fans scattered along the pathway to show the Samsung cheering gadgets. Other activities include Samsung’s Caravan design and production management; design and production of Samsung booth in the carnival sites, sourcing, design and production of Samsung’s cheering gadgets, uniforms and gift away items; launch of Samsung Anycall Olympic Showcase cum Opening Ceremony at the Hong Kong International Airport; Samsung Anycall Olympic Sports Channel Inauguration Ceremony roadshow outside Sogo, etc.


In addition, Flame PR was also appointed by both the HKSAR government & The Equestrian Company in the launch of 08 Olympic 500-day Countdown and the Award Presentation of Jumping Fence Design Competition. The Hong Kong Jockey Club awarded us “The Launch Ceremony for Horses Across Hong Kong” @ the Shatin Racecourse.

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